Visit Sikkim Monasteries for an Enchanting Practice

Monasteries in Sikkim
Monasteries form an integral part of Sikkim tourist places. The depiction of a rich cultural heritage and religious lifestyle of the Sikkim peoples are closely interlinked with the monastery culture. There are almost about 250 monasteries or Gompas of Nyingma and Kagyu order in Sikkim. Guru Padmasambhava is the presiding deity at all this monasteries. The culture of Sikkim is closely related to Tibetan Buddhism. Monasteries form a vital part of Sikkim. Most of the monasteries belong to the Nyingmapa Sect or the Kargyupa Sect. Buddhism is an essential part of Sikkim and its culture. Many of them recommend trips to observe the striking Sikkim tourist places which have a monastery as their eventual destination. The monasteries that are closest to Gangtok are Enchey, Rumtek and Phodong.

Rumtek Monastery:
It is one of the largest monastery in the Eastern Himalaya. It was built by the Gyalwa Karmapa in strict accordance with the traditional designs of the Kagyurpa monastery in Tibet. This renovated monastery is decorated with tenkhas and fescoes. The main Temple of the Dharma Chakra Centre also has a 31 feet high Golden Stupa. It abodes some of the worlds most unique art objects, ancient manuscripts and icons.

Pemayangtse Monastery:
This is one of the oldest and most important monasteries of Sikkim tourist places.This monastery belongs to the Nyingma-pa sect. It is a three storied building of the monastery having with a good collection of wall paintings and sculptures. This monastery is also famed for its scenic location as it commands an inspiring view of Mount Khanchendzonga.

Enchey Monastery:
This monastery A 200 year old structure situated in Gangtok on a hill top. The monastery includes various images of Gods and goddesses along with the several religious stuffs. And this monastery is well known for the mask dance called ‘Cham’ performed in the month of January.

Tashiding Monastery:
This monastery is situated on a hilltop looming between the Rathong and the Rangit rivers. It is lying in the western part of Sikkim. The Tashiding Monastery is around 40 kms from Gyalshing by road.

Phensang Monastery:
This monastry is situated in the North Sikkim. I was builted in the year 1721. There are around 300 monks in the monastery. This monastery was completely demolished by fire in 1947 and it was rebuilt in 1948.

Phodong Monastery:
Phodong Monastery is one of the most beautiful monastery in Sikkim.It is 28 kms away from Gangtok.This Monastery was also rebuilt. Ancient wall paintings are piled up in this monastery which is put on display during its annual festival. Religious dances are an integral part of this festival.

There are also much more monasteries like Ralong Monastery, Tsuk-La-Khang Monastery, Pal Zurmang Kagyud Monastery, Dalling Monastery, Kewzing Monastery, Dubdi Monastery, Yangyang Monastery, Namchi Monastery, Khatok Monastery etc… Many Buddhist monasteries are repositories of artistic treasures, including wall paintings, tankas, and bronze images. You can explore beautiful Sikkim tourist places if you make a trip.



Experience the Sikkim Adventures

Sikkim is one of the most excellent spots for adventure travel in India. There are several Sikkim tourist places where you can find pleasure through the adventurous trip and can make your imagination come true. If you are an adventure lover and a daring traveler, Sikkim adventure holidays is the great opportunity to explore yourself.
You will find everything from trekking to biking or river rafting and mountain climbing when you will decide for adventure tour in various Sikkim tourist places.

Trekking :-

There are so many amazing sikkim tourist places for trekking. Sikkim offers many charming trekking routes for the trekkers. You can experience the pleasure and excitement related to trekking and can have amazing moments. Through trekking you will get a clear view of lofty peaks, variety of blossoming flowers , dense forests, winding rivers, spring and to know the village or mountain life. Some of the great treks can make your trekking experience more excited like Dzongri – Goecha la Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Singalila Ridge trek, Green Lake treks etc. Trekking in Sikkim will of course be one of the most memorable experiences for the trekkers. Trekking in Sikkim is exciting both in spring and during autumn.

Mountaineering :-

Sikkim Himalayas is the finest place for mountaineering. In the southern part of Himalayas there is an extensive range of peaks like Kanchenjunga, pandim, Narsing, Kabru, Talung with its absolute beauty. One needs to obtain permit for mountaineering on this peak. Mountain climbing are among safest and more enjoyable one. When a mountaneer visit sikkim, his utmost desire is to climb the Rocky Mountains or high altitude mountains. You can enjoy dominant the mountain with peak climbing in Sikkim.

Mountain Biking :-

The most excellent part of Mountain Biking is that it is customizable. As most of the routes of Sikkim are appropriate for mountain biking, you can easily explore many of the mountains of Sikkim. The familiar places that you can cover up for mountain biking are Pelling & Ravangla Region. The starting point for mountain biking in Sikkim is Gangtok.

River rafting :-

River Rafting is the adventure sport most enjoyed in Sikkim. Teesta & Rangit River are the perfect rivers for safe River Rafting. This rivers are covered by the thick forest from both the sides. The white water waves of the river Teesta and Rangit gives you the daring experience of River Rafting. Teesta River is offering one of the best rafting stretches in the world. Rangit is a tributary of the Teesta which offers more challenges to the experienced rafters.

Kayaking :-

Kayaking is made on the Teesta River and it is arranged specially for the groups. This particular sport requires only the expertise. A very good Fiberglass kayak is accessible on hire.

Yak Safari :-

Yaks are bovine mammals which makes the adventure sports tour more interesting and the most memorable. You will have a great kind of experience through the Yak safari. It means that you are supposed to have a journey on Yak and cover different trekking points and Rivers. The most well-liked trials are Dzongri area & Tsomgo Lake.

Hang Gliding :-

Hang Gliding is a type of aero sports. It makes you to fly over the sky like the birds. At some parts of Sikkim, Hang Gliding adventure is available. It is one of the fast developing areas for Hang Gliding adventure sports.


Explore the Magical Charm of Sikkim Spots

Prominent as a hilly region in the eastern Himalayas, Sikkim is one of the beautiful land having with its extravagant surroundings. Sikkim shares its borders with Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet and West Bengal. Once if you visit sikkim tourist places, you can witness the culture, festivals and attractions of this incredible place. The place is blessed with the spectacular ush green vegetation, majestic mountains and rich flora & fauna.

Travel to Sikkim tourist places brings you the opportunity to visit the following tourist attractions:


Sikkim is the best spot for trekking. There are around five trekking peaks for the trekkers, which is established by Government of Sikkim. The land offers you several treks that take you through pine forests, monasteries ,beautiful valleys and to mountain lakes. Mountain biking, river rafting, kayaking are the other adventures that tourists can experience on their Sikkim trip.


Sikkim possess its rich variety of flora and fauna. The extreme temperature of sikkim further makes it apt for natural habitat for wildlife. It also takes conceit in protecting 550 species of birds. The most well-known national parks and wildlife sanctuaries that give shelter to these animals are Khangchendzonga National Park, Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary and Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary etc. Tourists can travel around the varied Sikkim wildlife for having a different experience.


Sikkim tourist places include Buddhist Gompas or monasteries. Monasteries in Sikkim are the indivisible part of Sikkim. These are Buddhist Gompas which are considered to be the soul of Sikkim. There are almost around 200 monasteries which belongs to the Nyingma and Kagyu. Rumtek, Labrang, Pemayangtse and Enchey are the most famed Sikkim monasteries.


The residents of Sikkim are very friendly people. An important part of the culture of Sikkim are traditional music and dances . People of various communities live in the place in harmony. Archery,is a well-liked sport of the place and is conventionally played after the harvests.


The festivals of Sikkim add more attraction to the Sikkim state. These colourful events are considered to be the holy beginning of any activity. Bringing up peoples together, on the occasions are a reason to enjoy. Phang Labsol, Bum-chu, Lhabab Dhuechen and Saga Dawa are the famous festivals that are celebrated in Sikkim.

Sikkim Cities:

If you visit Sikkim, just visit the most wonderful cities like Gangtok, Pelling, Jorethang Kalimpong and Singtam.